Ongoing refinements in Marca’s manufacturing processes have resulted in a reed of both the highest quality and the most uniform consistency; The Marca Supérieure reeds for clarinet and saxophones. While professionals can benefit from these high-quality reeds’ fine balance, rich timbre, and lively response, educators and students will find them long-lasting and, most important, consistently playable, reed after reed, box after box. The Supérieure has cemented Marca’s harmony of professional quality and economical uniformity. The Marca Supérieure reed has contributed much to the renown of our company. This model gives a clarinet sound neither too dark not too clear.



Features & Benefits

  • The Selection of Marca reeds strength is controlled during the manufacturing process.​
  • The flexibility of the reed.
  • The finest quality of cane, gives to Marca reeds the uniformity and balance and consistency of the reed strengths​
  • Marca Supérieure Reeds -The Marca Supérieure reeds are available for the all saxophones and clarinets instruments.
  • The canes are selected one by one, producing high quality reeds, We must select the finest cane and control each one​
  • The Marca Supérieure Reeds are the Highest Quality reeds we make.
  • Available Strengths 1,5/2,0/ 2.5/ 3,0/ 3.5/ 4,0 and some Instruments 4.5

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